Where to Buy and How to Sell Bitcoins?

Where to Buy and How to Sell Bitcoins

Since then, as first cryptocurrency rate has sharply jumped, many people began to look for where to buy Bitcoins.

Search engines are full with requests and offers from various companies. Many of them are scammers, aimed at ordinary people who do not understand how the transaction system works in this area.

The situation in many respects resembles the middle and the end of the nineties, when cunning dealers bought people vouchers, shares of enterprises or offered securities that were worth nothing in exchange for real money.

Where to buy Bitcoin in 2018

To become the owner of Bitcoin (BTC), its value at a moment of writing, reached $ 14,000 per unit, you should first create the wallet.

For this purpose a registration is necessary on the specialized services. Most popular – xapo.com and blocchain.info. The second is interesting for Russian-speaking users, because it supports Cyrillic fonts, Russified.

The procedure requires verification with copies (scans) of documents, as for Webmoney – a certificate. Do not worry about your privacy. Customer information is not spreaded.

Next, you need to purchase the BTC payment units. For our country there are several ways to do this:

  1. On localbitcoins.com;
  2. Through one of the many exchanges
  3. In exchangers
  4. From individuals engaged in trading of bitcoins and alt-coins (other crypto-currencies).

To pay, depending on a chosen method, it is possible through Kiwi-wallet, Webmoney. Yandex.Money, by cards of VISA and MasterCard payment systems, in cash. Buying through PayPal is meaningless. Overpayment in this case is higher than with the other payment methods.

How to cash out Bitcoin in 2018

The next question that interests miners and investors is how to cash out Bitcoin quickly and with minimal cost.

There are exchange offices offering their services for a small payment. Currently their activities are almost not controlled.

How to cash out Bitcoins

Their advantage is a quick and easy service, many currencies are accepted. The disadvantages associated with no legislative guarantees of security.

Popular withdrawal options:

  • Purchase goods for bitcoins for resale for physical money
  • Open a virtual Wirex card
  • Search for people selling and buying electronic money for other currencies
  • Use of an ATM if it is in your locality

Each method has pluses and minuses.

Exchange Cryptocurrency

For citizens wishing to purchase BTC for Russian rubles, btc-e.com is preferable. Plus is a support of Russian national currency. Minus is a dipositing funds through specific services, the reliability of which is questionable. However, there are few negative reviews, which indicates that the method is relatively safe.

The cryptocurrency exchange has no differentce from similar exchanges, where people earn on a price/rate difference. If you are familiar with Forex and its analogs, you will understand quickly.

Also, the best online bitcoin exchanges are:

  • Bitfinex – large volumes, margin trades, convenient interface of the official site, support for the Russian language
  • CRYPTOPIA – only in English, commission is only 0.2%.
  • Poloniex – withdrawal up to $ 2000 USD per day already at the initial level of account verification
  • BITTREX – commission is 0.25%,

Choose suitable conditions, write to a seller or a buyer, agree on the transaction. A minus is only one is a mandatory commission for transactions on the exchange. On average, it is from 1 to 2.5%.

How safe is it? There are no absolute guarantees on the Internet. Three years ago, the Mt.Gox exchange was hacked and 65 thousand bitcoins were stolen. They could not be returned, and the company itself was liquidated. BTC clients, whose servers were seized by special services, were slightly more fortunate. Owners changed the domain, partially compensated for user losses.

Experts also remind that financial institutions of USA and EU can get under the reciprocal sanctions of the Russian government. There is a way out – the crypto-currency markets of Japan and other countries.

Cryptocurrency exchange points

There is another way to exchange Bitcoin and some other popular crypto-currencies. This are the online exchanges, working on the same principle as for WMZ / Yandex.Money. BitcoiinAverage is a service for comparison of conditions will help you to find offers on transfer of national currency, webmoney and Yandex.Money to BTC and back.

  • To buy from a credit card – Coinbase (North America, EU, Singapore)
  • BitPanda – European Union
  • Coinmama – the whole world
  • CEX.IO – without territorial restrictions.

From the bank account you can buy bitcoins through the first two, as well as using the service Gemini.com.

Bitcoin purchase and sale through private persons

It is possible to buy and sell Bitcoins, like any other currency, through individuals. While this activity is difficult to control by the Central Bank, the Federal Tax Service, other state structures, citizens are trying to earn money from operations with popular crypto money and BTC in the first place.

  1. You can search for offers on forums or visit localbitcoins.com website and find offers for your region.
  2. Cash purchase/sale guarantees confidentiality, but for it you will pay an average of 5% of the market price from above.

It is necessary to understand the blockade technologies in order not to become a victim of swindlers.

Bitcoin ATMs in the world

Canadians became pioneers in this direction. Back in 2013, Cointrader.net, together with colleagues from Bitcoiniacs, installed a Robocoin ATM in Vancouver.

The next metropolis where this equipment appeared was London. It was placed in a coffee shop for the vapers, called The Vape Lab. Then the experiment was continued in Bucharest. Romania became the first country in continental Europe, where people could take advantage of this opportunity.

Bitcoin ATM Locations Worldwide

In Texas, a mobile ATM travels. The device is installed in a trailer of a car of local entrepreneur Sheldon Westfield. The equipment similar in principle is in Hong Kong, in British Columbia (Canada),

With a growth of BTC rate, many companies have joined the process. Russian entrepreneurs have not become an exception. Only in 2017 more than one hundred ATMs were sent to the capital, supporting up to four types of crypto-currencies. They allow you to perform a number of operations, including creating a wallet.

In the summer – in the autumn of 2017 Ukrainian people familiarized themselves with the novelty. In the Ukrainian capital, the equipment of the Cryptomat trade mark, which receives the hryvnia, has appeared. There is an ATM in Odessa. It works in both directions.

You can see the map of these machines here.

What can you buy with bitcoins in 2018

Many people, just beginning to study the subject, wondering what to spend Bitcoin in USA, Canada, England, Japan, Russia and the world. The first who started to accept BTC was online casino, lawyers offering lagal cosultation on the Internet. In Russia there are even places where food is sold for these electronic money.

These are Subway network restaurants. There is a convenient service coinmap.org, which allows you to see a geolocation of points, goods and services sale for crypto-currencies.

Who Accepts Bitcoins As Payment

This is a very convenient tool, thanks to which it is possible to select and compare many trading platforms offering a variety of goods and services for bitcoins.

Among the world-famous companies that trade via the Internet and also accept this method of payment, the following giants should be named:

  • Amazon
  • eBay;
  • Xbox Live Service (Microsoft branded store)

Store.bitcoin – trades in various devices, sales of office equipment. You can also purchase a ticket for an AirBaltic flight. Especially relevant for residents of St. Petersburg.

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