The complexity of mining popular types of crypto currency is increasing day by day, released earlier Antminer S9 and Antminer D3 , as well as the more obsolete Asic miners do not cope with the delivered tasks, in 2018 this equipment will cause losses.


When the new miner Asic Antminer S10 go on sale in 2018

Many hoped that Antminer S10 from Bitmain with the x11 hash algorithm, will be released on the market in late 2017, but the miracle did not happen.

Official news so far, there are certainly rumors, many refer to the first quarter of 2018 – January, February.

Moreover, it is not yet known how Bitcoin and other prospective cryptocurrencies will show themselves. in the new year, now the BTC rate is happy, jumped the mark of 8100 $ for one coin.

Which companies can produce new miners

The market for asic devices is currently dominated by three giants, it is from them to expect the development of more powerful and profitable equipment:

  • Bitmain – creates an Antminer line for Bitcoin mining. The company is based in China, and also manages most of the capacity in the network.
  • BitFury is one of the largest manufacturers of hardware and chips for bitcoins. However, the equipment of the manufacturer has not been available for purchase recently.
  • Spondoolies Tech – is an Israeli manufacturer of equipment for mining.
  • Halong Mining – a previously unknown company in March 2018 plans to release the most powerful Asic DragonMint 16T for Bitcoin mining.

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Bitcoin exchange rate forecast for 2018

It is rumored that the Japanese company GMO Internet Group is one of the largest suppliers of the Internet service spectrum, plans to join the crypto race, and launch a new Bitcoin business using semiconductor chips of a new generation built using 7nm technology.

Headquartered in Tokyo, GMO IG has more than 60 companies in 10 countries. The size and financial performance of GMO IG, as well as the new technologies that they want to use, will make the organization a serious participant in the production of this crypto currency.

Many analysts are afraid of the release of GMO IG on the market, as its capabilities can have a devastating effect on BTC’s blockbuster, and provoking a so-called 51% attack is when one company dominates and controls all capacities, while others adjust to it, .

In this case, home manners will not be sweet, even a new device Antminer S10 will be almost unable to generate Bitcoins.

But there are pluses in this theory, since the course of 1BTC with such a scorch can shoot up to 300 thousand dollars, so it is worth thinking about buying bitcoin right now.

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How Mining will change for Asic with 7nm semiconductor technology

The commercial production of 7 nm chips is still under development with the participation of GlobalFoundries, IBM, Intel, Samsung and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), competing for market leadership.

Now most Asic miners are developed using 14-16 nm technology, semiconductor chips based on 7 nm are the next stage after 10 nm (using the latest innovations of mobile devices), in other words their performance is 2 and more times higher.

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Conclusion: The company, which is the first to develop semiconductors of 7 nm, can take the leading positions and manipulate the crypto currency market.

Assuming that it will be with the course, in that case it is almost impossible. It is expected that Intel plans to upgrade the Arizona manufacturing plant to begin construction of 7 nm in the first half of 2018.

Last news

In related news, another major Japanese company, DMM, announced the launch of its own virtual currency unit, which in October 2017 started the virtual currency business “DMM Mining Farm”.

According to the company, DMM will launch one of the largest farms for mining in the world, until the end of 2018.

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Summing up, if you have money to buy expensive equipment now, and you are not afraid that in a couple of months it will become obsolete, so you do not pay back the investment, you can buy one of the miners of the latest model, or wait for 2018, assess the prospects for market and then act on the situation.