Waves Cryptocurrency: Overview, Prospects and Forecast

Waves Cryptocurrency (WAVES)

The main slogan of Waves cryptocurrency is blockchain for people, offering a wide range of investment opportunities, as well as for traders and companies wishing to raise funds for their projects!

Waves Cryptocurrency Overview

This platform was designed to provide an ability to easily and securely store existing digital assets, as well as opportunities to participate in trade transactions and manage transactions with crypto-currencies. Each of the participants of the service finds objective advantages in its functionality and capabilities.

Founded in 2016 by Russian businessman Alexander Ivanov and his team – the project is included in the top ten of the world’s first-string cryptocurrencies of the world and is the largest project in Russia.

According to the developer, the platform should provide a single world business infrastructure. To ensure the use of simple and functional tools that allow all users to access the blockchain.

The official site of the platform is: wavesplatform.com

Waves Platform

Price forecast for 2018 and prospects

To date, the platform has absolutely all the prerequisites for continuing strong growth, giving the holders confidence in 2018. To the positive moments, stimulating optimistic forecasts and growing profitability, it is possible to attribute:

  • the platform is of great interest as a starter for a new projects development, which allows to attract financing;
  • there are no commissions, high transaction speed, the main advantages of the blockchain technology and the idea of the cryptocurrency are preserved
  • the platform allows a rapid exchange of cryptocurrencies within the exchange without leaving the platform
  • the indicators are constantly improving, the sphere of legal support is developing.

The developers of the service are constantly working to improve the safety of users of the service. It is supposed to introduce a system of trust to customers, which is similar to the levels of the WebMoney wallets. Supposed innovative development plans guarantee confidence and tranquility to the customers of the platform.

Proceeding from the above positive factors of development, we can conclude that the prospects for the development and growth of the value of the cryptocurrency are up to $ 35 in 2018. This despite the fact that in early January, the exchange rate of Waves was above $ 13.

Methods of Waves cryptocurrency buying

The easiest way to acquire Waves cryptocurrency is to first purchase Bitcoins or Ethereum and then change them at the rate of Waves.

It is also possible to purchase WAVES through a specialized Waves customer program using a bank card on the Waves Decentralized Exchange and other trading floors where the currency is quoted. On the YoBit Stock Exchange, the coins can be purchased for rubles.

The easiest way to open a wallet online is by going to: waveswallet.io.

There are also official Waves Wallets applications on platforms for Android and Iphone and a  Waves Lite Client version that can be downloaded directly to the computer. With the help of these applications it is possible to buy the cryptocurrency.

How best to store Waves

The safest way to store the cryptocurrency on a “cold” wallet, which is installed on your own computer. After installation, the wallet is encrypted with a password, which you will need to confirm with each transaction.

The program takes about 35 GB and is quite difficult to configure. But this is the most reliable way from hacking and an ability to save the currency from cyber thieves. It is also necessary to create a backup of the wallet, in a case of the computer hard disk failure.

Developers also offer a light version of the Lite Client. You will need to open wavesplatform.com website, register, create a password and generate a SEED key. This wallet is reliable and easy to operate. It is very important not to forget and not to lose the key, so as not to lose access to managing the wallet.

Not the most reliable, but a convenient way is to store cryptocurrency directly on the exchange account. This allows you to make operational operations with crypto-currencies.


Waves mining

Waves mining is not provided in a traditional sense, with the help of farms. Exchange and transactions with the cryptocurrency are made on the principle of proving a share or Proof of Stake.

All transactions, including commissions, within the Waves network are paid for by the same currency or any other known tokens can be used.

At its core, the block is a large book, in which all transactions that were conducted on the network since the appearance of the crypto currency were registered.

All miners permanently work together to maintain and update these records. Each transfer of the cryptocurrency from one wallet to another requires confirmation from the holders of the full nodes, who are rewarded or commissioned for this.

To be able to mine the currency, you need to install the full version of the Waves block on the computer, and in your wallet you must have not less than 10,000 coins.

Taken into account a constantly growing cost of the cryptocurrency, a possibility of mining for many holders is limited. You can also lease the coins to the platform and receive bonuses.

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