Mining farm relevance in 2018-2019

A few years ago on a personal computer with average performance it was possible to easily obtain 1-2 Ethereum per day.

In 2018, it became more difficult to earn the cryptocurrency, if the hardware cost for Ethereum mining is still comparable with a profit, then Bitcoin is not profitable at all.

To receive a net income at a level of 1 thousand US Dollars per month on one vidiocard is now unrealistic to reach such a level, it is necessary to build a farm from at least 6-10 video cards.

In addition, it is worth considering a cost of electricity and a purchase of supplies, if something goes wrong (from here the saying: the more video cards, the more watts).

Our first Mining farm was built for two weeks, plus the same amount of time it took to set it up, so if you have a little more money and you want to save your nerves, then just buy a ready solution at a crypt-farm store or order in China for example at AliExpress website.

Farm from video cards assembled manually

To orient you on the prices, and payback of farms collection manually, we will give an example:

The finished farm of 6 video cards (MSI Radeon RX 580), motherboard (AsRock H81 BTC PRO), processor (Intel Celeron), 4 GB RAM, 60GB SSD, 1800 Watts power supply and peripherals (Open-Air, 6x MOLEX PSU) will be cost about 3300$ US dollars, while the exhaust from it will be approximately 200 Mhs, from here the income at the current rate will be $ 750 a month.

In 2018, it will not be profitable to collect farms for mining on ordinary video cards, more precisely, there will not be any sense in it.

Want to ask why? In simple words, because bitcoins and ether become less and less, the extraction of new coins requires large capacities and expensive equipment – in particular, video cards of the latest models, which are worth a lot.

Ready Mining Farms (Miners)

To solve this problem, a lot of companies began to produce special devices they are called “miner” and are designed specifically for earning a cryptocurrency.

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E9 Miner Overview

Miner ASIC Ebit E9, its price: $ 1070, the device is based on a 14nm process chip, hash up to 7TH / S, the amount of power consumed by Ebit E9 is 150 watts.

This device is characterized by a low power consumption, and high speed of mining. The cooling radiator is made with the latest technology, the carcass is reliable and made of stainless steel. The dimensions are following: 290 x 126 x 155 mm, has an Ethernet connection.

Feedback: Of the minuses, having tested the Ebit E9 miner, we managed to overclock the device to the maximum to 5.9TH, there are no firmware on the developer’s site, from the pluses – stable work, good cooling.

X11 miner Overview

The next device is not only more powerful, but the expensive Asic X11 Miner will cost $ 2470, unfortunately until we could not test this miner, but judging by the reviews on the Internet, the DR Ver3 X11 series is an improved version of DR2, compared to Ebit E9, the hash speed is bigger and is about 9TH.

A4 Miner Overview

A4 Miner Mining unit is the most powerful device at the moment, its cost is 3900 $, the speed is about 280 – 300 Mhs, its weight including the power unit is 14 kg, the dimensions are 28 x 26 x 13 cm.

Innosilicon A4 Dominator Specifications

Mining speed schedule of finished blocks (rating)

The speed rating of the finished blocks for mining (miners)

The above listed miners have a number of advantages over the farms assembled manually, as their speed reaches hundreds of mega hash per second, which allows you to get one and a half, twice as much BTC or ETH, but now it’s worth paying attention to less popular cryptocurrencies, they are easier to mine with a prospect of further growth.