Super Bitcoin: Price, Exchange. Where to Buy SBTC

Super Bitcoin (SBTC)

December 12, 2017, the official release date and a launch of Super Bitcoin (SBTC). SBTC is a next fork of original Bitcoin.


What is Super Bitcoin

Hardfork (separation from bitcoin) of new Super Bitcoin cryptocurrency occurred while building 498 888 blocks, the event was realized thanks to a large Chinese company.

What is a difference from the traditional Bitcoin

1. In Blockchain technology of Super Bitcoin currency the block size was increased to 8 megabytes, it is worth noting that in the traditional bitcoin it is only 1 megabyte.

The Lightning Network technology is integrated in Super Bitcoin, which allows you to open payment channels for data transfer and record each of them in Blokchan for several days and even decades ahead. This will create a decentralized open network of channels, while significantly reducing a number of blockchain transactions, and most importantly – the time spent completing the payment.

Here is an example:

Imagine the situation: there are three people: Julia, Jack and Tom. Between Yulia and Jack one channel is opened for payment, and Jack and Tom have another. In that case Julia can safely send money to Tom through Jack without having a direct channel. For example, Julia wants to hand over to Tom 5 BTC, in which case Jack gives Tom 5 BTC, and Julia reimburses him 5 BTC.

In this scenario, Blockchain is practically not used, therefore the time of the transaction is reduced several times.

2. The new cryptocurrency supports “Evidence with zero disclosure of information” protocol, in simple words it is a system of cryptographic algorithms that allows to verify a reliability of information in an absence of information from the proving party.

The main feature of the algorithm allows to prove with 100% confidence that one of the parties has an informaion, but not disclosing its contents to another.

3. Super Bitcoin supports clever smart-contracts, it is an algorithm for signing commercial agreements on blockchain technology, on this principle Ethereum is built, the second largest cryptocurrency.

Which Exchanges Support it

Where to buy Super Bitcoin? The new crypto currency has already entered the turnover on the largest exchanges, now it is already possible to sell or exchange SBTC at:

  • OKEx
  • Yobit
  • HtiBTC

Super Bitcoin Exchange Rate

The Yobit Exchange, 5 days before the official release date, started accepting SBTC, the price at the start for 1 coin was about $ 100, while the rate grew more than twice in a few days, at the current moment it is 252 dollars.

Super Bitcoin Mining Pools

How to get Super Bitcoin? It is necessary to set up equipment for mining to new pools, currently Super Bitcoin is supported by:

  • f2pool
  • BTCС

Super Bitcoin Forecast for 2018

Undoubtedly, investing money in Super Bitcoin purchase now is worth, according to forecasts for 2018, the crypt will grow at least 5 or even 10 times. If now for 1 SBTC 250 $ is given, then by the summer of the new year the price will be from 1000 dollars for one coin.

Here is a similar example with the previous fork Bitcoin cash, which took place on August 1, 2017, at the start the currency was traded at around $ 439.

After 3 months the rate is 1571 dollars and continues to grow, those who did not doubt the reliability increased the investments more than 3.5 times.

Currently, investments in reliable cryptocurrencies, this is a real “gold” mine. Of course, it is most promising to invest in Original Bitcoin.

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