In 2017, Litecoin’s crypto currency gives good forecasts for growth, as a result of which the producers of miners released the updated Asic Antminer L3 + earnings of Lightcoin.

Back in 2016, 1 coin of LTC currency was worth less than four dollars, but for the current time its rate is 55-60 USD, and although the cost is not comparable to Bitcoin, but the progress is on the face. These factors have caused a deficit in the market asic devices.

Even the craftsmen from the Middle Kingdom can not cope with the demand for miners, until September 2017, Antminer L3 + can only be purchased by ordering it.

Deliveries from China to the Russian market are carried out for 100 copies for large stores, with the higher the demand, the more expensive the miner.

Those who connect their business with crypto-currencies, for reasons of economy, go to China, then to enjoy the purchased cars on asrock pro 4 for mining.


ASIC Antminer L3 +: purchase and prices in stock

The unprecedented rush around Asic equipment broke the sales market in two halves:

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On the shelves full of counterfeit and low-quality equipment at a price of 900$ or more, having bought such a device, except for low power, breakages and financial losses, you will not get anything.

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But this is a plus, weekly there are official distributors accepting orders from large organizations for farm components delivery and asic devices in bulk, in such organizations you can purchase the Antminer L3 + miner at retail.

In Moscow, the proven Majning-fermy company became the trusted distributor. In it, you can buy the original Antminer L3 + miner in stock and under the order, the official cost of the device is 5 800 $ dollars, the telephone for reference is 88002000793.

The firm has contracts for distribution of equipment for Bitcoin mining, Ethereum with large producers, for further delivery not only in Russia, but also in Europe and the CIS.

According to the latest information, several asic Antminer l3 scrypt are available in the warehouse, which you can buy, and you can arrange delivery to the house, by mail or by courier.

Antminer L3 +: the miner characteristics overview

The new model of the Asic Antminer L3 + liner has been released since the beginning of 2017, the device’s specificity is the presence of a USB 2.0 interface, at the moment it is the most profitable mining tool on the video currency map of Lightcoin.

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The hash speed of the device is 504 MH / s with an electricity consumption of only 850 watts, compared to other analogs, the Antminer L3 is the most economical option. The Asic Antminer L3 + processor was assembled by leading employees in the Bitcoin mining area.

The integrated circuit L3 + is built on 288 chips, which gives a double efficiency for the production of Litecoin, rather than the previous model.

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The compact size 35n13n19 centimeters allows you to place Asic anywhere, similarly with the Antminer S9 with an integrated USB input.

The Antminer L3 + kit for 4 asrock includes a high-quality power supply, with protection against voltage drops, in addition you can use any unit identical to 500 watts.

Setting up Antminer L3+

To configure Antminer L3 + for Litecoin mining is easy, after enabling, enter the identifier of your Lintcoin purse and the pool number, the device will start to mine.

In the system there is a convenient adjustment and automatic updating of the firmware of the system.

Antminer L3 +: payback in 2018

For lightning in 2018, it’s best to purchase Asic Antminer L3 + with USB 2.0, because with it you can easily earn a number of coins, which will pay for the device in 6-7 months of operation. From practice, many are trying to configure Antminer L3 + to extract Bitcoin and another currency, it should be noted that soot is a lucrative option will be LTC.

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Indicators of the profitability of the device, it is worth considering that they can vary depending on the exchange rate, the speed of the hash (average 22177 GR / s) and if one constructed block is equal to 25 Lightcats.

Given the cost of electricity, it turns out that Asic L3 + every day, with constant work, will bring you 0.8 LTC, at the current rate it is 40 US dollars.

Can Antminer L3 + break? From practice, if the device has worked stably for more than two months, you can safely rely on its further serviceability for several years after the payback. Typically, breakdowns are rare and in the first month of mining, in addition, the manufacturer gives an annual warranty for the device.

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Antminer L3 +: video

How to use Antminer L3/L3+ /S9/T9 ?

Setup your Antminer - ALL MODELS - Nicehash Beginners Guide!

Before buying the Antminer L3 + it is worth to study the reviews of the firm, check whether the devices are available, whether there is a guarantee and the appropriate documents, no way do not make advance payments, because scammers may disappear with your money.