Is it worth buying bitcoin in 2019?

Investing in Bitcoin

If you are new to the topic of crypto currency, you first need to understand Bitcoin terminology and understand what is blockchain as a whole.

Is it worth buying cryptocurrency in 2019?

I just want to say that I speak on my own behalf and do not call on anyone to follow my advice unconditionally. But all the same, I express the view that buying the Crypto-currency now and in January, February 2018 certainly makes sense.

What is the reason for this opinion?

The most obvious of my arguments is that from its very appearance and still bitcoin, as well as accompanying altcoyins (other crypto-currencies), is growing rapidly.

Yes, he has huge volatility, strong fluctuations in the exchange rate. He, it happens, falls sharply. Yes, it depends on political events, too much responding to them by fluctuations in the rate.

But then, as we see, he invariably recovers his positions and rises even higher. And although some analysts constantly repeat, it can fall and “burst” just as abruptly and unexpectedly as it entered into force, yet simple everyday logic says that the crypto currency is a new word in the financial history of society, and that we are in the very beginning of the development of this new phenomenon.

This is an important discovery and a new and serious tool. This is a new technology, not only financial, which can not dissolve into nowhere, can not disappear.

And I think that it is worth investing in the crypto currency right now, when most people still do not have a habit for it. Right now it is necessary to make a bet on it, especially prospects for miners in the new year are high.

What are the risks of investing in bitcoin

Of course. But no one is going to invite you to invest the last money. Acting is just within the acceptable risk. And it is very important to study the issue carefully enough.

Investment Strategy

  1. First. For beginners, create the wallet, buy bitcoins. As much as you can afford. The criterion is well known: imagine that you have lost this amount. Such a situation should not become a personal financial disaster for you.
  2. Second. Keep them in a safe wallet. Learn how to minimize transaction losses.
  3. Third. Invest in mining. If there is a desire, knowledge and opportunities – do it professionally in 2018. If they do not allow you, use reliable services cloud mining. At the moment, it really brings a good income (not a fantastic, but justifying effort to learn new information).

What difficulties exist

The main thing – do not bet on the advertising tricks of crooks and imitators. You need to be able to figure out which of the projects on the Internet is honest, and what – a minute HYIP.

It is not so difficult to understand. In fact, honest projects are few. One of the important features of such projects is the period of stable responsible work. Study the available information and act.

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