Innosilicon A5 Dashmaster X11 Miner

Innosilicon A5 Dashmaster X11

After a significant reduction in the price of Ethereum, many people began to shift to the production of other crypto-currencies.

Dash became one of the main goals, discovering the excitement the company Innosilicon has released new, powerful Asic Miner A5 Dashmaster X11 devices for the mining of this coin.

Innosilicon A5 Dashmaster X11 Overiew

One of the leaders, the world manufacturers of devices for mining, introduced the newest Asic equipment of the next generation X11 A5 DashMaster.

Its speed in the mode of energy saving 750 V, is 30.2 GHz, while the maximum value that can reach the miner when overclocking is 38 GHz.

This raises the A5 over other equipment of this type, the device has a longer service life and a huge advantage in hash speed than its competitors.

According to the manufacturer’s company, A5 DashMaster is a miner that will work in the long term for a long time, while others become obsolete.


Miner Innosilicon A5 has the following characteristics:

  • hashing speed in normal mode: 30.2GH / s (+/- 8%, at 750W)
  • speed of hashing in overclock mode: 38 GHz / s (+/- 8%, at 1250 watts)
  • Power consumption: 750 W (normal operation, with PSU effect 93%, temperature 25 ° C)
  • Overall dimensions: 400 mm (long) x 135 mm (height) x 158 mm (diameter)
  • Weight: 4.0 kilograms (without power supply)
  • Operating temperature: 0 – 85 degrees Celsius (device connection temperature)
  • Network connection: Ethernet

Payback and profitability

Starting from the analysis of the Dash crypto currency market, with the growth of the rate, now it is 16,350 rubles, an increase in the complexity of production, the profitability of the Dashmaster X11 may fall to the lowest values ​​in the first quarter of 2018, which will have a very bad effect on its payback.

In a place with someone who has already bought Innosilicon A5, you can go to mining less popular, but promising cryptocurrencies, which are only gaining momentum.

Speculation speaks for itself. No other lane on the market can reach 38 GH / s. As for today, then, according to cryptocompare, the return on investment of the A5 DashMaster is less than two weeks.

Nevertheless, this period will not last long. New models created a gold rush around Dash. Gradually, there are difficulties with prey. This, of course, will reduce profitability.

In a few months (January-February 2018), their payback is likely to drop to 8-9 months, which is the norm for ASIC Dash.

At the end of 2017, the monthly income of Innosilicon A5 (at the maximum speed of overclocking), with the Dash mining, is $ 6,722, which will allow you to recoup investments in 3-4 months.

Innosilicon A5 Dashmaster

Price for Innosilicon A5 Dashmaster at the manufacturer’s website

The cost of the miner increased along with the rush around Dash, on the official website of the manufacturer ( the price of Innosilicon A5 is 3.190257 BTC or 19 535.18 $

A5 Dashmaster

In Russia, the miner can be bought in Moscow, but the price will be increased 1.5-2 times, now the devices are not available, as Innosilicon company launched the sales recently – October 10, 2017.

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A5 DashMaster produces a lot of heat. If you are going to install it at home, make sure that your rooms are properly cooled, an air conditioner is installed, or a window is constantly open.

In addition, if you have problems with overheating, it may be a good idea to switch from overclocking to normal.

Video review of INNOSILICON A5 DashMaster

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