How to Make Money from Cloud Mining Without Investments

How to Make Money from Cloud Mining

At the end of 2017, with a rate growth of the main cryptocurrencies the largest companies have begun to earn more often on cloud mining.

Every day to get Bitcoin and Ethereum are becoming more difficult for mere mortals, many are inclined to mine less popular and cheaper crypto-currencies, but their credibility is not great.

According to the forecasts, by the middle of 2018, to earn at home without investments with the help of the pools will become almost impossible, as on farms set up manually, and on the expensive ASIC miners, the reason is a presence of large farms.

However, in the current situation there is a way out – cloud mining. With the help of cloud mining you can get the “treasured coins” by purchasing a part of the production capacity from the owners of large farms. For this, it’s enough to visit one of the reliable services to pay for the equipment, and to mine bitcoins remotely.

How did cloud mining appear?

The cryptocurrency was created in January 2009, then the first block was formed and the first transaction was completed in 10 Bitcoins.

Together with this a possibility to mine the cryptocurrency (to create new virtual coins) appeared. Primarily, virtual money was used by a limited number of people, with increasing demand and a rate towards world currencies, the technology moved to the broad masses.

The one who was in the subject understood that the system itself has open source code, and the protocol of peer-to-peer network, developed by Satoshi Nakamoto, is able to complicate operations with each produced bitcoin (BTC), thereby reducing revenue.

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Here is an example: the creator of the first hash block received 50 bitcoins, and an exact time was required to genetare that hash block. As soon as a total number of earned bitcoins by all network users became twice as large, the sum of the block decreased proportionally to 25 bitcoins, but at the same time the time for collecting each subsequent hash block increased by two.

Mining process is becaming more complicated, more and more capacities are required, everyone knows that BTC number is limited, and by the end of 2017, the world has already produced 2/3 of the total.

That’s why farms created on video cards are not relevant, they have been replaced by ASIC-controllers, now things are that these devices do not allow to earn on mining without investments.

Then, the founders of large farms realized that their income was also decreasing, many people came up with the idea to lease some of their equipments and its capacities in the form of shares that were backed by profit, then the cloud services for mining were created. The idea has become relevant, now there are many such websites where it is possible to obtain cryptocurrency without investments.

How does cloud mining work?

The structure of the companies implementing cloud mining without investments is simple:

  • You register on the company’s website (cloud service).
  • You are provided with a contract for mining and an official contract.
  • You pay for the contract and get the required amount of capacity.
  • The cloud service receives contract revenue.
  • You mine cryptocurrency on powerful equipment.

Cloud mining advantages and disadvantages

Cloud mining has a number of significant advantages over mining at home:

  • This is the best way to get Bitcoins and Ethereum, from costs and profit ratio.
  • Companies implementing cloud mining are legally registered and are more reliable.
  • You do not need to pay for electricity, constantly monitor the process and adjust the equipment.
  • High level of earnings, you can recoup investments in a year, at the current bitcoin rate.
  • In 2018, you will have a test period of mining cryptocurrency automatically and without any money investment.
  • A constant profit forecast is available to you.
  • In one cloud service, you can conclude contracts for the extraction of different types of currency – Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and others.
  • Permanent promotions and referral fees for attracting new users.

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It is worth considering that the disadvantages of cloud mining are still present:

  • Skeptics and speculators always predict bitcoins rate collapse, in fact it is not, but the probability exists. If you are one of them, then this way of earning will not work for you, as the Cloud mining is designed for a long-term perspective.
  • The data center equipment may fail, because of which, there will be delays, but no one is insured from this, besides, according to the contract you will be recalculated for a downtime period.
  • Demand for cloud mining has been growing, in the same place there are fake websites that deceive users, it’s worth to be vigilant.
  • No matter how best and reliable the cloud mining service is, it can get under a hacker attack, so an advice is to store the passwords in a safe place.

List of trusted services for cloud mining

Hashflare – the company works with Ethereum cryptocurrency, the profit reaches a record of 200% per annum of the contract amount.

Genesis Mining – thousands of satisfied customers, daily payments, supports Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin mining.

OxBtc – High-yield service for Bitcoins mining and many other currencies, 200-250% per annum from the contract price, an attractive affiliate program.

Bit Miner – The service has just appeared on the market, but no special trust arises, since the management promises a profitability of 1200% per year or 3% per day.

Hashing24 – a cloud service for mining BTC with minimal investments and without those in a test mode, the cost of contracts starts from $ 10.
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EOBot – a clear and user-friendly interface, the mining service was opened in 2017, they promise as much as 4% per day, while stable, but it’s worth taking care with.

Fleex – a long-lived and reliable service opened in 2015, your contract will be closed only when you reach 200% of profit, usually it takes 9-12 months.

Rapidminers – For many, this is the best mining. Payments are made every day. Here there are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash.

Cryptomonitor – Reliable resource. The contract expires only when it reaches 200% of the invested funds.

Micro-BTC – On-line translation cames from the data center. It is enough 0,001 BTC to withdraw the funds. Payments are made in any mode: manual or automatic.

Cloud Mining without Investment 2018 (video)


Cloud mining is one of the most relevant and working methods to extract a cryptocurrency, with minimal risks and investments. Certainly suitable for those who do not want to build a mining farm.

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