Earnings and business on the Internet are no longer something special and the number of working users in a virtual space is steadily growing.

Among many types of earnings, cryptocurrency mining is particularly prominent. According to the forecasts a lot of companies will be opened in 2018 to work with digital currency, and in some countries people receive salaries in a form of bitcoins.

Despite all the popularity of mining, many people still can not understand the whole procedure, and in this article we will try to disassemble in detail all methods of mining bitcoins.


What is needed to know about earning on bitcoins

Many people already earn bitcoins with their own, home computer, but this requires a certain approach.

Immediately it should be noted that working at home, it is unlikely to earn a lot of money, but this method will give you invaluable earning skills in the network.

Yes, a few years ago it was enough a simple computer to mine bitcoins, now it will require a very powerful equipment.

So, let’s proceed to the mining (that how bitcoin extraction is called). And the first thing we need to do is to create a wallet to store the earned currency. It is not difficult to do this and there are many resources on the Internet that offer similar services. It should also be noted that the wallet for bitcoins has many advantages:

  • All earned funds are under reliable protection;
  • Wallet functions are made easy and understandable
  • User information is completely anonymous.

You do not need any special skills to create such a wallet. Anyone who has minimal Internet usage skills will easily cope with this task.

All registration is that a user selects his operating system version and downloads a special program. Then you just need to start it and use it at your discretion.

Attention! Downloading this program may take a long time, especially if you have a slow Internet connection.

How to Earn Bitcoin on a Home Computer in 2018

After creating a wallet, you can start earning money, and for the first time it will be enough for us to have one computer. There are several ways that you can get involved in mining, and one of them is using the resources of video card and processor.

You can also create yourself or buy special “farm”. It is somewhat like a conventional system unit, only with a large number of video cards. By the way, earnings with the help of farms is one of the most popular today.

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Earnings through trade

If you are interested in earnings without investments, then you can try trading bitcoins. On the Internet there are many exchanges that allow you to earn on the exchange rate differences and one of the tools for trading, is just bitcoin.

There are a large number of people who could earn well in this way: they bought bitcoin about 7 years ago, after which its rate increased significantly, so eventually they becance dollar millionaires. However, no one can guarantee that the rate will continue its upward movement.

Interesting Facts! One young guy from Finland decided to buy some bitcoins. And since it happened in 2009, he gave only $ 27 for them. Years later, when the rate grew up, he remembered that he had several coins and decided to sell them. To his surprise, the amount from the sale was almost $ 900,000.

It should be noted that today a lot of people earn well on the movements of bitcoin exchange rate. However, such earnings are difficult and without skills to earn will be very difficult.

Earnings on affiliate programs

It is possible to earn a crypto currency with the help of partner programs. This method involves a large income. To earn this way, you need to get your own website or another page on the Internet.

Further, on your page (or on the site) you place a special link to attract people. And, when a person goes through the link, you will receive a certain amount of digital money. This method is very attractive, because to start work does not need a large start-up capital.

Many will ask a completely logical question – where to “get” such links, for which visits will give me bitcoins? In obtaining such links, there is nothing complicated. It’s enough for a person to visit the site where the bitcoins are played.

However, this method has certain “pitfalls” – many people find it very difficult to interest people in such a way that they make the transition by reference.

And in this situation, many have to resort to spam. You can place affiliate links not only on your site, but also in other ways:

  • comments on various earnings forums on the Internet
  • in different groups on social networks
  • writing your own video with a link to the site.

Thus, you can make good money, however, you will need to be patient, and somewhere to show creativity.

Earnings with the help of bitcoin cranes

There is another way to earn a crypto currency – to introduce partially coded signs, which are known to many as captcha. For such a return on investment will not be required at all.

What are cranes? First of all, these are sites that, like everyone else, pay their visitors money for some actions, the list of bitcoins of cranes that they pay in 2018 – by reference .

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And in this case, these actions include entering CAPTCHA, visiting certain advertising sites or other types of activity on the Internet. We are sure that many have already encountered this way of earning money, however many sites prefer to pay ordinary money instead of bitcoins.

It should be noted that this way of earning will not bring much money. And you can earn about 250 satosh. But to attract customers, many sites arrange various drawings, and as a prize there can be a decent monetary reward.

Attention! Similar sites have one feature – the withdrawal of funds is a certain restriction. And, in order to deduce the earnings on your wallet, you must first collect a certain amount.

There are also positive aspects of this method. At such sites you can easily and safely make a profit, while the person absolutely does not take any chances. Also registration on the site is free, and there are no various hidden commissions.

Games with bitcoin payments

There is one unusual way of earning money, which can also bring pleasure – gambling for bitcoins. By their principle, such platforms do not differ from online casinos, however, a person receives prizes in the crypto currency.

To earn money, you can play yourself or attract other people for a reward. However, it should be understood that gambling is a very risky way to earn money.

“Cloud” cryptocurrency mining

Mining is the most popular method of obtaining crypto currency. However, for such earnings, very powerful and expensive equipment will be required.

Not all people can afford to buy a very powerful computer or create their own farm and come to their aid cloud mining. This method will allow you to proceed with the production of crypto currency without initial investment, but here there are some peculiarities.

If you delve deeper into the principle of mining digital currency, then the user will need to assemble a special device with a lot of video cards and processors.

Further, this device will perform a search for a special code, for which a person will be rewarded in the form of a crypto currency.

The whole attraction of this method is that the computer earns money on its own and its owner does not need to waste its time. But in order to assemble such a device, the user will need to spend a lot of money to buy the necessary parts, as well as to provide periodic maintenance of such a “farm”.

Also, you should take care of the proper cooling system, because during operation the equipment will overheat very much.

It is for this reason that many beginner miners can not afford such a farm. However, there are companies that provide such equipment for rent, only to transport it to your home is not necessary. Such a “farm” works through a remote computer, and the new owner controls the entire process of working through the Internet.

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This method of mining is very attractive, because all the costs for electricity lie on the shoulders of the company. Among other things, an ordinary user does not need to monitor the operation of any equipment. All that is required from the user is to pay rent and engage in the production of crypto currency.

Let’s look at the cloud mining in more detail. To start working, the company buys very powerful equipment, which is installed in special hangars.

Then it is connected to a computer with an Internet connection and through it rent out the equipment’s equipment to other users.

To start working in this way, the user needs to select the site he likes (if there are any doubts, then you can read about it on the Internet), go through the registration process and pay the lease period. Also, after payment, the user will receive codes to access the remote farm.

Interesting! Many sites have the opportunity to take extra power for rent. Thus, you will be able to monitor your profits or check the operation of the server without large initial fees.

How to build your own mining farm

It should immediately be noted that with a small starting capital, a lot of money will not work. However, in the process of creation there is nothing complicated.

To begin with, you should purchase several powerful video cards and a very good cooling system. Also, the farm will need several good processors. At this point purchase is completed.

Next the build procedure takes place , it practically does not differ from the assembly of a simple computer. All video cards need to be connected to the motherboard, here you should connect the hard drive, RAM, processors and power supply. Thus, you can connect multiple devices.

After this, you should connect the obtained farm to the main computer and install a special program on it. With the help of such a program, our farm will be engaged in calculations that in the future will bring us a crypto currency.

Theoretically, you can install this program on a home computer, however, its capacity will not be enough to deal with calculations.

Important! Over time, it becomes more difficult to earn bitcoins, and you will in any case need to buy more powerful equipment and constantly improve the cooling system. And also to accommodate a quality farm, you may need a whole warehouse.