To predict an exchange rate of a single cryptocurrency for the future is rather problematic, the growth or decline depends on many factors.

Earlier, we already considered a forecast for Bitcoin Cash, and the most promising investment in digital currencies, today we’ll talk about how to choose the best pool for mining in 2018, and will give examples from the best.


How are mining pools designed and operated?

Beginners in the field of mining should know that at present, this process alone can not be overpowered without an expensive and powerful equipment.

Here comes to the rescue cloud pools – special, virtual servers, to which people on their equipment connect from all over the world, forming a single network.

The pool speed directly depends on the number of participants in it, the more equipment is connected to the system, the higher the productivity, that is the profitability from network calculations.

There are many pools for mining, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Monero and other crypto currency.

The principle of operation is simple: the pool distributes tasks between all the participants connected to the server, once the ready block is generated, everyone gets a profit depending on the capacity of the individual equipment.

Pools for cryptocurrency mining in 2018: rating

As of the beginning of 2018, over three thousand cloud pools are functioning on the Internet, but only some of them require special attention, since they are the best, confirmed by profitability and stable work. Presenting the best ratings:

Bitcoin mining pools

F2Pool – the official site is, among the miners nicknamed “aquarium fish”, by characteristics is able to hold 20% of the hash of the network. Leader among the rating, with a system of payments PPS and a fixed commission of 4 percent.

For those who use the firewall, the Stratum Mining Protocol is installed through ports 25 and 80 TCP, for the remaining network participants the port is 3333.

On f2pool you can attract not only bitcoin, but also Litecoin, as well as some types of altcoyins, there are no problems with payouts, moreover, if you do not order the withdrawal of the earned funds within 90 days, they will go on a donation.

AntPool – the official site is, the second largest pool for BTC mining, has 18% of the total capacity of the block. Servers are managed by the Chinese company Bitmaintech, one of the largest producers of computing equipment, it is the Hashnest cloud service that operates on it.

The user remuneration is based on the PPLNS method, the plus is the absence of any commissions for the withdrawal of earned funds, one of the characteristics is the availability of PPS by 2.5 percent.

The organizers took care of and implemented the Russian interface, you can attract by the P2Pool principle and for the decentralization of the network. The pool uses the technology of connecting through the port:, or publicly available 443/25.

BtcChina – official site is, how to enter in China, almost 90% of the production capacity of crypto-currency is based, this pool owns about 12 percent, the well-known exchange is the organizer, the company is expanding the range of its services in the market with the help of cloud mining, .

Only the clients of the exchange can connect to the pool, moreover, part of the network’s support capacity belongs to the company itself.

Of the minuses, the interface and management only in Chinese, there is an English translation, but very poor quality. In view of what, information about the service is not enough.

BW Poll – the official site is, this server owns 9% of all capacity, there is a translation into Russian, it works like AntPoll with PPLNS protocol, with no commission for output. To connect to the pool, use the following string: stratum + tcp: // 3333.

Thus, the four most reliable Bitcomun mining pools take 60-70% of the network hashath for themselves, which can not but cause concern, for this reason, independent mining of this currency is practically impossible without the use of cloud servers.

Ethereum mining pools

Ethpool – One of the largest pools for the mining of the Etherium, the official site is, the server owns 20-25% of the total network capacity, this is approximately 70 G / s.

Connection order: for connection, you need to use the -F characteristic, and the address bar:< the account’s >/< your speed is a hashtag >, where the “account login” is the number of the E-purse of the wallet , “Your speed is a hashtrade” – the complexity of the calculation, the capacity of the equipment you are on, you need to enter in megahexes / second.

ETH Nanopool – The site of the server is, was formed not so long ago, but during the time of work he proved himself on the positive side. The server owns about 40% of the capacity of the entire etherium production network, as evidenced by its popularity among the miners, and superiority over the official service.

However, the company’s management does not take responsibility for any problems, the mine has to be taken at a certain risk, in the event of a malfunction and zeroing of the balance, no one will be reimbursed, nothing will happen.

The order of connection: in the bat file it is necessary to write ethminer.exe -F<number of your Ethereum wallet> -G.

Example: ethminer.exe -F -G, when using the CUDA parameter, replace the -G attribute with the -U characteristic

Ethereumpool – the pool is just gaining momentum, the number of users is growing, at the moment it takes only 3% of the network capacity, the site of the server is

The order of the connection: in the baht file, write ethminer -F< Speed of your hardware >@< Ethereum purse number > -G.

WeiPool– the newest pool, out of minuses the commission for withdrawal in the amount of 1.2 percent, involved about 0.2% of the network capacity, the number of manners gradually increases. Site is, recently there are problems accessing the Https protocol, temporarily do not recommend using this server.

How to connect: in the .bat configuration file, write the address bar: ethminer -F<number of wallet >/< your hashtrace > -G

Zcash mining pools

ZEC.suprnova – The server is located in France, the network speed is 6182.93 megahecies / second.

Official website:

Zcash Pool – The server is located in Italy, the network speed is 2584.85 megaheches / second.

Official website:

There are at least 15 more pools for Zcash mining, but the two above are checked by us, the rest we can not recommend.

Litecoin & Dash mining pools

Litecoinp2pool – is in the United States, the network capacity is 1351.17 megahecies / second. Official site

Sonur – is located in Russia, the capacity of the network is 689.14 megachesh / second. Official website:

Crypto.mine – Kazakhstan cloud pool, with a network speed of 577.37 megahecies / second. Official site: is another powerful pool in Kazakhstan, its speed is 576.35 megaches / second. The site for connecting

There are about 41 pools for Litecoin and Dash currencies, but we did not check them, moreover, many of them do not work consistently, so we strongly recommend to mine them on the above.

Dogecoin mining pools

We have not yet begun mining the Dogcoin crypto currency, therefore we will not strongly recommend pools, according to the Internet’s most popular reviews:

  • – official site, the server is in Japan
  • pool.paycoinalt – the official site of, located in England
  • ghash, the official website, is located in the United States.

Monero mining pools

To extract Monero’s new crypto currency, we can recommend the following servers:

  • miningpoolhub – located in USA, official site:
  • monero.gigsis – server in France, official website:
  • – server on the territory of the Russian Federation, official site:
  • – located in Germany, official site:

Results and feedback

As you can see the list of pools is extensive and constantly replenished, unfortunately many of them work not so long and do not deserve positive reviews.

Because, they close often and are fraudulent, thus there is a danger of losing what they have earned, and moreover, already available funds on the wallet. Therefore, we recommend using only the above listed servers and sites.