Specialists of a little-known Halong Mining company have developed a miner that is more powerful and energy efficient than any common model.

DragonMint 16T first became a popular topic in the news, then they became interested in social networks. The company promises that the mass production of mining equipment will begin in 2018, and the date of entry into the market in March.


How much income DragonMint 16t produces

This year, there was often a question about the need for new technologies for bitmaker-miner’s bit-out-minining and powerful semiconductor chips less than 16 nm.

But in practice this has not been realized yet. The most effective, as before, are the Bitmain Antminer S9 and Avalon Miner.

But the equipment from Halong Mining promises to exceed their effectiveness. According to the site of the manufacturer, the speed of DragonMint will be 16 TH / s, while the energy efficiency compared to Bitmain Antminer will increase by 30%.

To make the new product more powerful, the developers used new chips – DM8575 ASIC, providing a fantastic 85 GH hash. The energy efficiency of such chips is 0,075J / GH. For comparison, in Antminer S9 it is 0,098J / GH.

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Thanks to the dual fans, the operation of the asics functions normally, even if the ambient temperature rises to 25C.

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Profitability and payback of DragonMint 16t in 2018

Halong Mining reports that the creation of the new miner is only part of the long-term strategy, which the company began work on a year ago, and promises to continue work on ensuring competition in the mining sector.

Chips, hardware and software for DragonMint created about a hundred recognized experts. The team that deals with the project is working under the guidance of the developer Btcdrak.

The news about the appearance of a new ultra-efficient bitcoin-miner caused a different response from users. Some people think that this is a scam project, behind which are scammers.

In any case, it is too early to talk about the profitability of DragonMint 16T in Bitcoins, and the payback of the funds spent on its purchase, everything will become known in the spring of 2018.

Halong Mining Official site

The site of Halong Mining (halongmining.com) is called fake by some people, since there is practically no information on the company and those who created it. According to some users, DragonMint too reminds Bitmain Antminer S9 .

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But well-known experts confirm that the message about DragonMint 16T is not a fake. According to Adam Beck, the head of Blockstream, Halong Mining exists, bitcoin-miner works, the information in the specification is real.

Bak wrote in Twitter that he considers that DragonMint creation is the most important news for bitcoin this year. The new product was captured on a video, presented by the director of Blockstream.

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Where to buy and what is a price of DragonMint 16T

To create a prototype and write the code, Halong Mining spent $ 30 million. Currently, the company accepts pre-orders for the supply of miners in March on the official website.

The price of one DragonMint 16T is 1595 dollars. True, only in the case of an order of not less than five pieces of equipment. The power unit will cost another 115 dollars.

DRAGONMINT bitcoin miner video review

DRAGONMINT BITCOIN MINER! Most Efficient BTC Miner Yet! 16TH/s