What is Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin Gold is a new and promising crypto currency. The developer of the project is Jack Liao – head of the Lightning ASIC mining company. This company is also a manufacturer of video processors.

The originality of the idea is that users use graphics processors (GPU) instead of Asic. The entrepreneur believes that the new currency will become a worthy alternative to the bitcoins.

Bitcoin Gold official website

The official Bitcoin Gold crypto currency site is bitcoingold.org. Currently, the portal is unavailable for reasons unknown to us; most likely, preparations are under way for launching the main network, which will be released on November 12, 2017 at 22 hours in Moscow.

Bitcoin Gold official website

Earlier, the launch of a new crypto currency on the market was scheduled for November 1, 2017, but the developers are still improving the security system.

After the launch of the platform, all participants who have previously registered the Bitcoin Gold wallet will be sent a link to download the program, at the same time they will earn pools and blockchain (BTG) – worldwide will begin the mining, the calculation of the currency of the customer’s personal cabinet.

Despite the fact that the currency appeared recently, swindlers immediately activated on the network. In their training videos, they offer to enter a private key on third-party sites.

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Do not do this, because all the money from the account will go to the attackers. You also need to remember that the security of your wallet depends on the security of your computer or phone.

Bitcoin Gold Exchanges

According to preliminary forecasts, this currency will be supported by the exchanges Yobit, Hitbtc, Bitstar, Beatcoin. The starting price of Bitcoin Gold on the Yobit exchange is $ 900.

Wallets supporting Bitcoin Gold

As expected, the mining will be available to a large number of users, because the project will become popular. Bitcoin Gold will support such wallets as Guarda, Freewallet and Coinomi.

How to mine Bitcoin Gold

The new currency is based on bitcoin bitcoin. Mining Bitcoin Golgd is possible only on video cards. Is it possible to become a holder of a new currency for free? Undoubtedly, the owners of bitcoins will be able to earn money on a new crypto currency.

The creator of the new currency reported that Bitcoin Gold will become more decentralized. The new crypt will be less affected by the influence of large corporations.

How much one can earn on Bitcoin Gold mining

Exemplary earnings on Bitcoin Gold mining, for the hashing algorithm, video cards of the 10 series from Nvidia are best, without electricity now on the GTX from 1060 to 1070 you can earn from one board 2-2.5 dollars per day, for the GTX 1080/1080 Ti order 4 dollars.

Bitcoin Gold: price and rate of BTG

Experts suggest that the cost of the new currency will be about 10 percent of the price original bitcoin . That is approximately 700 – 800 US dollars.

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Forecast for Bitcoin Gold

True, the Bitcoin Gold rate has fallen significantly compared to the original price. For now, to make predictions and conclusions about how much this digital currency is in demand early.

At the Reddit forum on October 20, a competition was launched. Its creators have promised 250 bitcoins to gold users who will develop code to implement the function of protection against attacks.

Also, a bonus of 50 BTG was applied to those who completed the assignment in 5 days or less. Reddit users reacted negatively to the action, arguing that if their developers could not provide security themselves, then the new network should not be trusted.