Antminer S7 characteristics and overview

Miner Antminer S7 The 19th version of Bitmain’s production has been very popular since its release in mid-2015.

Offering a high level of hashing for the amount of power consumed, S7 is believed to dominate the market for many reasons.

If you look at any a modern mining device, most likely, you will see how much they have additional peripherals. Antminer S7 is very popular among amateur lovers, the S7 has a reasonable price and high performance.

The S7 is powered by an ASIC 28 nm BM1385 chip. Cooled by dual coolers (or one cooler, depending on the version), 135 chips are distributed over 3 cards.

Sturdy metal case has a system of tongues and grooves, which allows you to carefully place several miners.

Antminer S7 payback and profit in 2018

With the increased complexity of mining bitcoins and a reduction in yields in two, the Antminer S7 has been paying off for quite some time. On the other hand, if the Bitcoin exchange rate is adequately raised, the S7 payback in 2018 may well be reduced.

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Using the bitcoin calculator in rubles, we calculated some possible yields for Bitmain Antminer S7 and S7-LN.

Let’s assume that the average cost of electricity at home is 5.38 rubles per 1 kWh, the pool fee is 2.5% (according to AntPool) and after a fee of 12.5 BTC per unit:

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For higher accuracy, make your own calculation!

The result is not very good: The monthly loss of mining is $ 18 and $ 223 per year.

Clearly, if you do not pay the standard cost for electricity with careful tuning, you can get profit from the S7 miner even at a power of 15. Accepting only if Bitcoin’s price does not fall, which is really risky.

The same calculations that were adjusted for the Hash Rate and the energy consumption of the Antminer S7-LN give slightly more encouraging results: monthly losses are only $ 6 and $ 77 per year.

In other words, buying an Antminer S7 miner for Bitcoin mining in 2018 is not profitable, you will go into minus and lose investments, another thing is to buy Antminer S9.

Calculation of electricity consumption and power supply of Antminer S7 and S7-LN

Designed specifically for use with Bitcoin Antminer S7 miners, it is recommended to use a 1600W APW3 power source with S7.

Loss of only 7% of the electricity between the outlet and the miner, this power supply is considered extremely efficient. To function, the APW3 requires a minimum of 205 volts and, unfortunately, does not come with the correct 16A power cord.

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Despite the fact that it costs less than 1404, not counting the delivery, APW3 is an excellent choice regarding the possibility of updating in the future because it also works with the power consumption of AntMiner S9. You can also use any ATX power supply of sufficient power to run S7.

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Bitcoin Antminer S7-LN includes its own power supply; 1000 W Enermax, nominal gold (above 80% efficiency).

Since the S7-LN consumes about 700 W, this power supply has excess capacity even when the block is overclocked above its 600 MHz frequency by default.

Although the built-in power supply is designed for compact and convenient mining, there are several other reasons to recommend such a setting. S7-LN also does not include a cord.

At room temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, the Antminer S7 consumes a minimum of 1293 watts. Obviously, the hotter the environment, the more energy is used by the coolers to cool the device. Twice as effective as the Antminer S5 when converting all this energy into bitcoins, the S7 needs a modest 0.25 Joules of power per gigase. As already mentioned, the version of Antminer S7 LN (“Lite”) is only 700 Watts. It also consumes 0.25 Joules.

Setting up Antminer S7 and S7-LN

Both S7 have the ability to DHCP, that is, they will automatically look for an IP address for use. To configure them, only your pool credentials are required, configuring them through the GUI MinerLink is a simple process. When enabled, the units will automatically start hashing.

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Price of Antminer S7 and S7-LN

Device. certainly cheaper, top S9. As soon as the S7 came out, it was valued at almost $ 2,000, but the price dropped sharply and now Bitmain sells a miner for only $ 440 plus shipping. S7-LN for $ 291 in Bitmain.

Since S9 and other more powerful equipment for mining will become the new standard, we can expect that these prices will fall even lower.

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It is also possible to purchase modified S7 (-LNs) with increased efficiency and reduced noise and heat levels.

Reviews about Antminer S7 and S7-LN


  • A high 4.73 TH / s hash and is effective at 0.25 J
  • The price is $ 440 new (plus shipping)
  • A popular device for mining with broad capabilities
  • A lot of spare parts available


  • Does not pay off with current forecasts bitcoin
  • There appeared more powerful 16-thousand devices (AntMiner S9) and developed on 14-thousandth mining devices
  • High requirements for a high-performance power supply, thanks to a high power consumption of ~ 1350 W.
  • More noisy when running, at 62 dB