Antminer D3 Overview for Dash Mining

Antminer D3

We purchased the Antminer D3 in the first batch for 63,276 LTC (about 2700 US dollars).

There are many rumors about the following D3 games and how everyone is worried and discussing it on the forums. The delivery date was September 18-25, D3 was on hand – September 19, 2017.

Antminer D3 characteristics

Bitmain is the world’s largest manufacturer of ASIC chips for the production of crypto currency. They released Antminer S9 , which is the most popular ASIC-miner for Bitcoin , as well as Antminer L3, which is the most popular ASIC microcircuit for Litecoin.

With the growing popularity of DASH’s crypto currency, now its rate is $ 295 for 1 coin, </ output> the company designed and launched ASIC Miner D3 for DASH.

Also note that for this miner or for any other equipment, you will probably need an additional cooler (fan) and other equipment so that the miner does not overheat.

Hash Speed

Antminer D3 delivers 15 GHz / s and consumes 1200 watts. You will need to purchase a special power source to bring it to work.


Antminer D3 comes in the same basic package as the Antminer L3 + , and it looks like they are designed in the same way. They are very compact. The inlet fan is located in the front, and the outlet fan is on the rear panel.

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D3, about twice as loud as L3 +. It uses hashing of another algorithm, it works a bit more complicated and requires more cooling.

The noise is not great, but I think it may depend on your room. This is not a simple miner, which you can keep in your living room or in the closet. Fortunately, we have a separate place for all our miners.

Setting up Antminer D3

Miner is really easy to set up. You simply connect the power source and activate it. He needs 10 PCIE connections, and he uses about 1000 watts.

Bitmain Remote Access Login – means that Antminer has standard access to remote access with Bitmain. It’s very good and simple.

We use a common PSU, but we plan to switch to Parallel Miner PSU, as it provides platinum efficiency.

We also have a power supply Bitmain APW ++, which, completely copes. It’s hard to say for quality, but I recommend this power supply if you need something simple.

Parallel PSU can power two D3 at the same price as the Bitmain PSU, which draws one D3. The parallel is much more efficient, but more expensive.

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Antminer D3 profit

The predicted power of hashing D3 is 15 GHz / s at 1200 watts of power consumption. In fact, this miner actually hashes about 17 GHz / s and uses slightly less than 1000 watts.

How much does Antminer D3 earn? Over the past seven days, the miner brought us about 400 dollars. The energy consumption for each D3 is projected to be about $ 80 per month.

At the end of 2017, we earn about 40-50 dollars a day from one miner. Our profit is changing every day.

There are many factors that are included in profitability (market rate, extraction complexity, etc.), so these figures are constantly changing and developing, but within the limits of the norm.

There are three best pools for connecting D3 – ZPool, NiceHash and Prohashing. If we compare our profits in each of them.

The input for these pools looks like this: ZPool (c = DASH), NiceHash (x), and Prohashing (a = x11). If you are using the Bitmain remote access platform, just enter your wallet into the Worker line, and everything will be ready.

How much is the price in China and the world?

The price of the official vendor is $ 2,699, in China it’s about the same, but in Russia the device is in short supply, it’s hard to buy, as almost anywhere is not available, and second-hand dealers try to speculate in prices, so the Yandex Market miner sells for 13 800 USD.

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Where to buy in Russia

You can purchase the Antminer D3 miner on eBay or directly from the official Bitmain site using Litecoin, Bitcoin or wire transfer, then the price will not bite so.

If you do not value the cost, buy on Avito, Yandex Market or other suppliers in Moscow at a price 3-4 times more expensive than the manufacturer.

Reviews about Antminer D3

Bitmain has always been a reliable manufacturer of bitcone production equipment. But note that the company was criticized, but no malicious intent from Bitmain has been proven, but some still fear.

However, you should not be afraid for the work of Antminer D3, since most suppliers provide a 180-day warranty in case your miner breaks down or stops working for some reason.

If you can buy this device, it will be a very profitable investment for 2018. If you can not buy it before November / December, it’s hard to tell how much later the price will change.

We think that these miners will earn $ 5-10 per day in the first quarter of 2018. After that, it’s very difficult to project your profit, because the largest corporations are coming to the market, and the release is expected Antminer S10.

AntMiner D3 Video Review

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