The Best Bitcoin Faucets that Pay in 2018

Bitcoin Cranes

For today it has become increasingly difficult and not profitable to mine bitcoins  – it takes a lot of time, the farm is very, very expensive, and electricity is not free.

How to earn bitcoins using a computer

What to do about it? How to earn bitcoins ? And do not get into the web of thousands of websites offering to earn bitcoins? Here I present to you 6 sites that actually pay and you can earn something.

If you have not registered a wallet for storing Bitcoins or Ethereum, do it on Blockchain official website. — Best bitcoin faucet 2018 

It is the most reliable site for earning bitcoins with payments to your wallet. The payment on the site is implemented automatically, and you do not need to check your balance all the time.

On Mondays, money will automatically be transferred to your wallet. The very essence of earnings is to enter captcha every hour, for the fallen number you get a reward.

At one time, it is possible to get even 0.1 bitcoins. Who loves adrenaline can increase their savings on the account.
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Entering the “MULTIPLY BTC” menu after selecting a bet, you press More or Less button. And then your luck and tactics comes into play. Watch a video at the bottom of the article to find out more… — bitcoin faucets, which regularly pays

A beautiful site, which is constantly updated. In fact, the site pays for viewing ads.

It’s simple, press the “Surf Ads” button and you see website list and when you open them, you get paid for it. All the time the sum for the withdrawal is lowered, in the near future an auto withdrawal of funds should be created.

On the site you can buy foreign referrals for your money or invite friends to participate, while getting bitcoins into your account. — instant payments in bitcoins

This site is simple and easy and gets bitcoins very good. A price for clicks is more expensive than on other websites. Excellent referral system (50%) and simplicity of the interface will tighten everyone. I advise! — earnings in bitcoins

Verified site in the list of leading similar topics. Perform tasks, browse websites, read mail.

And for all you get a good income in bitcoins. You not only can earn money, but also spend it: on the mailing list, add your sites to the watch list, and also make your individual assignments, with a small payment of only $ 0.2. — a crypto faucet with stable payments

One of the most highly profitable sites for the production of crypto currency, registration in two clicks, after which you must specify your wallet number. For viewing advertisments, you will receive several thousand satoshi.READ ALSO:  How to create Bitcoin and Ethereum Wallet on the official website — income from 10,000 satoshi per hour

It did not go far away from the competitor. You will also browse the sites for crypto-currencies, perform transfers to your wallet, plus an extended referral system.

The only problem is that quantity of websites for viewing is few. — working faucet for getting bitcoins

Also a good site for earning a digital currency. An appropriate for those who loves to post links, as well as those who own advertising platforms. Clicks are very high, but moderators are very strict. — income for beginners

If you are new to the blockchain, this site will help you to earn your first money, and understand what the digital currency is. — website with bitcoin bonuses with the withdrawal to the wallet

I gave you a hit parade of sites with which you can work and get bitcoins. By using these sites at the same time, you can achieve excellent results in earning crypto, and let others envy you!

Also watch video review on worlds Best/Highest Paying Bitcoin Faucets

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