LH-Crypto (LHCoin) – The First Crypto-broker

Forex LH-Crypto crypto-broker

There was a significant event in the world of cryptocurrency, the first Forex crypto broker LH-Crypto was officially opened, the company entered the ICO with the LHCoin currency (LHC) having collected more than 2.5 million dollars.

LH-Crypto – what is it?

The firm that represents the platform is called Larson & Holz, it is a popular player in the Forex and Binary options market, the company was registered in the distant 2004. It has been functioning for more than 13 years, which indicates the reliability and positive feedbacks from thousand customers.

Larson & Holz, the first forex broker LH-Crypt was launched in December 2017, where you can trade only with cryptocurrency.

Blockchain technology will take the Forex market to a new level on the whole, various financial regulators and their limitations will be abolished, commission fees for transactions will be reduced to a minimum, trade will become transparent.

How to make money on LH-Crypto (LHCoin) – registration

lh-crypto.io registration

After entering lh-crypto.io, click “Join”

The colossal experience of the market managers and a large client base provide reliable financial guarantees for the investors of the first crypto-broker. After the registration at the current stage, for lh-crypto.io participants are available the following types of earnings:

Early bird bonus loyalty program

Early bird bonus are incentive dividends for the first clients, the so-called “early birds”, for the pre-ICO period, a cost of the company’s tokens is minimal, with each subsequent week will increase by five, ten, fifteen and twenty-one percent.

The advantage is that an extra charge for purchasing tokens by new customers will be evenly transferred as a smart contract to previous investors in Ethereum crypto currency.

Cashback service from LH-Crypto

Thanks to an absence of hidden commission and regulatory restrictions, working with cryptocurrency will allow a broker to save from 2 to 5% in the input-withdrawal of funds from the partners. The collected amount will be returned monthly in a form of Cashback to all clients, depending on their smart contracts.

Token Rate Insurance System strategy

The work strategy built for 13 years of Larson & Holz’s work provides strong guarantees to all broker investors, which guarantees the safety of investments in the token purchase.

Many wonder whether it is worth investing in LHCoin at the start, definitely yes, if the price of ICO tokens grows up by 20 percent from the initial price during 2018, the price difference in the crypto currency equivalent will be distributed among all investors in full. Accordingly, the profit can be spent or cashed.

Referral program with big payments

For each registered investor in LH-Crypto system, entered to the site by your reference link at the ICO stage, you will be credited 3 percent of the amount of his investments in ETH cryptocurrency or an equivalent in the bounty tokens LHCoin_b in your personal account.

Reviews about LH-Crypto IO

Investing in LHCoin is a long-term and reliable process, in order to get a better profit, it’s better to start now, during the ICO period – from December 4 to December 31, 2017. So, as every week the token price will be increased, and the platform is waiting for a great future in 2018.

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