How to Make Your Own purchase

First of all, Bitcoin is not an Asset or Money. It is a digital product that you can hold in your virtual currency wallet. News and media people are all over the ‘verse’ (blogging and blogging… and I’m sure not reading the same thing they’re probably reading), but the number of people actually holding and investing in Bitcoin is freshly plummeting.

So where do we fit in as potential buyers?

We can start simple, but powerful and scary. Of course where there is a demand, you will have a supply and demand relationship. And yes there will be investors who will be looking to make a quick buck, so look out!

But let’s pretend there aren’t websurfers and completely normal people looking to trade in Bitcoins. What actually comes to mind is hidden, dark and somewhat intimidating. These are the kinds of people who put in their name, email and details under the name of ‘ Satoshi Nakamoto’.

So what does it take to create Bitcoins? It’s an algorithm and based on mathematical equations. So start with an Excel (your choice of program doesn’t matter) and find an equation that you can solve. Find another. Find a third one. Find… There are no proper rules, in fact there are none at all.

Can you find them? The interesting and deniable nature of Bitcoin means that finding the algorithm is child’s play. It is entirely possible that you could ‘program’ another person to discover the algorithm for themselves, if they were so unfortunate!

The conveniently-placed address book

Using the address book is another helpful bit of information that comes in handy for marketing. The address book is a simple way of linking your business to potential customers. This is simple marketing, but can be improved. The better way is to use more than one method to get the same results. For example, if you want to promote your services or promote way too many buttons, then use the same address book for both.

Don’t stop at just having a mailing list, though. Bitcoin has a community website where you can promote your business. Read about how you can improve the website and use it to attract visitors.

Advertise at the ATM machine

Gamble wagers are taking place on the Bitcoin ATM machines. You can place a wager of any amount you want in shops around the globe, and walk away with the cash, without ever leaving your wallet.

It’s an easy way to test out the convenience and safety of Bitcoin. Get in and ask the operator how you can place a wager. It’s free and doesn’t take any money at all!

Buy Bitcoins at an exchange

Exchange rates can swing from low of the market rate to high of 500% year to year. You can buy Bitcoin when it is offered at around $0.05. You do not have to wait for the exchange to process your transaction, and you do not have to go through the hassle of signing up.

Some exchanges are now offering Bitcoin trading accounts. These are the best places to make buying Bitcoins when you don’t have money to spend.

Look on theBitstamp website for when you can make buying your Bitcoins

Looking for the Bitstamp advert at the bottom of the site?

The Bitstamp site is features a BTC betting account, which enables you to make multiple transactions, and is the first and only Bitcoin betting site to offer 3D artwork!

Bitstamp is also the largest Bitcoin trading site, and has the ability to bring in a lot of visitors. So that’s it, you’ve found the best place to make your transaction. Making your purchase and getting some free Bitcoins is all that is required!

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