How to Earn from Cryptocurrency Exchange Rates: Earning Money from Fluctuations in Bitcoin Prices

Where to begin

To work with cryptocurrencies, including earning money, it is necessary to create yourself a wallet at one of the specialized resources.

It will store a copy of all transactions that the user makes in the blockchain network. Getting the wallet is simple enough, it does not take much time. Such data stores, which allow you to work with crypto-currencies comfortably, are of two main types: online wallets and offline wallets.

Crypto-currency wallets do not contain personal information of users, they do not specify the names and addresses of owners, and for encryption, two keys are used: private and public.

The number of wallets that a person can have is not limited. In the blockchain system there is a single account, which includes accounting of all transactions made in the system.

This method allows you to maintain an account registry in an anonymous mode, which reduces the risks of fraud. In the scope, only the public key is located, while the private encryption key is stored as confidential information.

Residents of Russia have the opportunity to replenish their bitcoin wallets in many ways, including such payment systems as “Qiwi” and “Yandex.Money.” In some foreign countries special terminals are installed for these purposes. Similar devices, most likely, will soon appear in Russia.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges for earning on the rate

With the growing popularity of digital money exchanges, cryptocurrencies are growing like mushrooms, some of them may simply be fraudulent. The best exchanges of cryptocurrencies for earnings on Bitcoin and Ethereum rate in 2018 are:


One of the advantages of these platforms is an ability to safely trade large amounts of cryptocurrency, as regards the opinions of real traders, the first exchange is the most profitable. After registration at the above mentioned exchanges, you will be offered to take a free introductory lesson on earnings.

What you should know in order to earn on Crypto-currency exchange rate

One of the most popular methods of earning a cryptocurrency is playing on a decrease or increase of the rate on specialized exchanges. This activity is the receipt of income due to fluctuations in quotations during trading on electronic trading floors.

On exchanges, users buy, sell, exchange various types of electronic and national currencies, including US dollars and euros, in various variations.

If you want to have access to more attractive financial instruments, it is better to give preference to professional trading platforms that require personal identification and registration of user accounts.

If a user does not set himself a task of regularly working on the exchange, he can participate in trading on platforms that do not provide such registration. You can find such resources through a query in any Internet search engine.

Experience suggests that it is better to trade and record profits using US dollar, which is traditionally the universal financial equivalent in the stock market.

Its exchange rates with most other instruments are always slightly better than those of other currencies. A user can take part in the work of several trading platforms at once, trade robots will come to his aid, real-time tracking the difference in the rates of digital currency pairs on many resources simultaneously.

A very important point to keep in mind is that for a transaction between your foreign currency accounts, it usually takes at least 30 minutes, and during this time the rates can vary greatly.

Not all crypto-exchange markets provide an opportunity to open deposits with the help of traditional (fiat) money.

To replenish the account with such money, a full trader personal identification will be required, which excludes his anonymity, which is the main advantage of working with crypto-currencies.

How and where to exchange cryptocurrency for cash

Here it is better to turn to the services of exchangers crypto, in which for the beginning user will help, for example, Bestchange aggregator.

You can buy bitcoins directly from an individual using a currency of a country where a user resides. To find partners, Localbitcoins service can be recommended.

In the well-known Telegram instant messenger, there are bots that can also help in selecting the most advantageous counterparty for making a deal of buying and selling bitcoins both online and in real life. In addition, the messenger itself also provides an opportunity for such a transaction.

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