How to create Bitcoin and Ethereum Wallet on the official website

Bitcoin and Ethereum Wallets Creation

You already know what is cryptocurrency in general, today we proceed to register a wallet to store your bitcoins.

There are several ways to earn a cryptocurrency, but the most actual are mining and “faucets” these are the special websites for earning.

As soon as the Bitcoins or the Ethereum appear in your wallet, you can easily use them to pay for purchases on the Internet, or to exchange for another currency, for example Euro or US dollars.

How to create a wallet on your computer

Step 1. Open Blockchain official site.
Step 2. Click “Wallet” link next to “BLOCKCHAIN” logo (or click a blue button in the upper right corner named “GET A FREE WALLET”, if you choose this variant then omit Step 3 and proceed to Step 4).

Bitcoin Wallet Registration

Image 1. Bitcoin Wallet Registration

Step 3. Click “SIGN UP” blue link.

Step 4. Enter your E-mail and Password in appropriate fields, check”I have read and agree to the Terms of Service” and click CONTINUE.

Image 2. Bitcoin Wallet Registration – step 3.

We recommend for safety reasons not to use the password from the mail, but to come up with a new one and write it down so that do not forget it, tick “agree with the terms” and click continue.

Image 3. Bitcoin Wallet Registration – step 4.

At this stage, registration of the wallet is completed, the system will notify you by a welcome letter.

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As you can see at the moment, more than 20 million people use the official Blockchain Wallet, in just two years the number of participants in the system has increased by two.

Image 4. bitcoin wallet registration entering data

Now you need to confirm the registration, to do this check the E-mail you specified during the wallet registration, in the incoming letters there will be a message from, open it, in the letter YOUR WALLET ID is listed, copy and save it. Then click YES, THIS MY EMAIL button.

Take into acount: The Wallet ID is needed to log into your Blockchain wallet.

Also this identifier (i.e. Wallet ID) will be your wallet number for performing bitcoin transactions and other transactions.

Image 5. Confirmation of bitcoin wallet registration

After the email confirmation, the system will notify you that the wallet has been successfully verified and you have become a full-fledged user of the blockchain system.

How to protect your bitcoin wallet from hacking

Now you need to perform simple but very useful measures for additional protection of your wallet against intruders, for this, go to “SECURITY CENTER” section in your account.

Image 6. Additional protection of bitcoin wallet

You have to perform three simple steps (level) to store the cryptocurrency became safe:

  1. Since we have already confirmed the e-mail, it remains to come up with the “Reserve secret phrase” and “Create a hint for the password” that only you can guess. (Do not forget to write this data for example in a notebook, so as not to forget in the future).
  2. Link your mobile phone number and activate 2-step verification, then every time you log in or transfer a currency, you will receive an SMS with an additional password.
  3. Enable Tor protection, this feature does not allow IP addresses from this network to access your wallet, Tor network is often used by hackers to crack wallets.

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How to send, receive Bitcoin and Ethereum

Now when your funds are secure, you can start sending or receiving a crypto currency to send Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) to another user in your account by clicking on the “Send” tab, then select the currency, enter a recipient wallet number (identifier), select an amount, enter a comment to the payment if necessary and click Continue.

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