How to Build and Run Bitcoin Mining Farm

How to Build and Run Bitcoin Mining Farm

The farm for mining in 2018 is an upgrade of a conventional computer with connected equipment, thanks to which the output of the calculated capacity is in favor of mining the crypto currency.

How Mining Farm Works in Simple Words

High interest among users was caused by the crypto currency, in particular, bitcoin. Many users are looking for information on independent production of bitcoins (mining), and whether it is possible to create a farm for mining at home.

Installation for extraction of bitcoins of coins can be collected even by an inexperienced PC user. All chips and accessories are created by a modular algorithm, yet they are accompanied by detailed manuals for use and connection, so there will be no connection problems.

Operating principle

All the calculation takes place using a powerful video card. The main problem of mining is the constant overheating of the computer, especially video cards, some can operate at temperatures above 100 Cº.

The process of extracting the crypto currency must be continuous, that is, the computer is constantly turned on, and the calculation process requires a large amount of power.

To ensure that the working modules are not melted and burned, you need to make a quality cooling. To reduce the stagnation of hot air between video cards, you have to install additional coolers.

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Good cooling of the farm will increase its service life and efficiency. Semiconductors on memory cards are quickly destroyed without cooling. Otherwise, the farm can turn into a pile of chips and wires.

How to build and run mining farm (video instructions)

The cryptocurrency farm is an advanced computer with a central processing unit, RAM, hard disk and coolers on racks and inside the system unit, plus a frame with video cards and other peripherals for mining.

Further, in the course of three step-by-step video instructions, we will discuss in detail the process of self-assembly of a farm for mining at home.

Equipment and components purchase

Assembling the frame (racks) for video cards and the farm itself

First you need to assemble a frame for the farm – a rack for video cards.

Cooling coolers are mounted on all sides of the unit.

Setting up equipment and programs, preparing for mining

The main mining problem is a large expenditure of electricity.

How much electricity does a mining farm consume?

Operating video cards consume a lot of electricity. It should be noted that you will have to pay huge electricity bills.

The minimum energy consumption in the weakest farms is not less than 50 watts per hour. The most advanced farms consume about 100 watts per hour, with six video cards spent 600 watts per hour!

In addition, the energy consumed by the rest of the computer, about 400 watts per hour. 24 hours of electricity are consumed per day.

Farm from ASIC-controllers

This is a simple replacement for video cards, miner (Asic) is a mechanism created solely to defuse crypto currency. So, it’s the past day to do the installation for mining using video cards with your own hands.

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It’s simpler to get the ready, computing power, which is three times higher than in a similar installation based on video cards.

The assembly of farms that work on the basis of controllers is much simpler than on the basis of the summed up video cards. But nevertheless, the cost of a powerful high-quality farm is about one and a half thousand dollars, and sometimes higher, for this reason not everyone can afford such a luxury, and if you still take into account the very vague prospects of the bitcoin course in the future, then it is unreasonable to make such expenses.

For this reason, until now, most miners use self-made farms on video cards.

How does the ASIC microchip (Miner) look like to calculate the hash-mining sums

How does the ASIC microchip (Miner) look like to calculate the hash-mining sums.

What is better mining farm from video cards or ASIC controllers

Below is a comparison of the parameters of a farm based on video cards and a farm based on controllers (the miner) using the example of Radeon RX 550 and Antminer S9 – the most relevant solutions:

Farm for 6 video cards, power supply: electricity consumption – 0.5 kilowatt per hour (without a computer), Calculation power – 210 Mhash / s., Cost – $ 900.

Miner: electricity consumption – 1,5 kilowatts per hour (without the system unit), the calculation power is 13000-14000 Mhash / s., The cost is 1900 $.

So the savings with the purchase of an expensive farm, working on the basis of special controllers, is comparable to “economy on matches”.

As a result, “Miner” has a computing power of 70 times higher than that of a farm on video cards. Therefore, the payback, and profitability of such a farm is much higher.

To date, the most profitable ASIC controller for Bitcoin mining, from the price-quality-payback ratio is Antminer S9.

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Mining Farm relevance and payback in 2018

Before the bitcoins, an irresolvable dilemma arose, does it make sense to invest in the purchase of “iron” for the extraction of the crypto currency or buy it on the exchange. Huge financial companies use equipment for BTC mining.

Increasing labor intensity of the mining process contributes to a decrease in the efficiency of iron work. The profitability of mining is the amount of received bitcoins for a certain period of time, minus the costs of operation and acquisition, adding the cost of iron, by which it can be realized after it stops crypto currency.

All these parameters determine the market value of the unit of the crypto currency, but the main factor is the current rate of USD / BTC.

Dynamics in its change will sharply affect the profitability of the enterprise for growing crypto coins. With the growth of the USD / BTC rate, the profitability of production increases, while falling, it decreases.

Payback of mining of crypto currency with large financial investments is practically absent. Even a self-made farm for 6 video cards will not bring much profit due to bad forecasts for 2017 -2018.

In principle, you can slowly grow on your computer bitcoin coins, but the profit compared to the investment will be much lower.

Today, the DASH (Darcoin) crypto currency is more promising. She has positive tendencies for growth, and the higher her course grows, the faster the miner will be able to recoup his investments and make a profit.

Bitcoin rate in 2018

In order to assess the actual value of whether to start mining and build a farm, we suggest you to be acquainted with changes of bitcoin rate at current time and by year.

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