Dash Cryptocurrency: forecast and investment prospects

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Dash cryptocurrency is a digital “money” that you can use to pay for goods and services on the Internet. The head of the company describes this financial instrument as reliable and promising.

What prospects does Dash have this year?

Payments can be made in the real world, using secure software with open source code.

At the moment, Dash is in TOP10 of the most popular crypto coins. Its capitalization in December 2017 exceeded the mark of dollars.

Investors continue to invest money and trading volumes are growing. Experts predict a rise in the value. However, one should always remember one fact – no expert can be 100% sure of a stable increase of Dash price in the light of great competition.

Schedule for Dash for the last 90 days

However, the graphs of quotes indicate a large potential of the crypto-coin. A big jump in popularity occurred in 2017, when the Dash management introduced new software. This increased network performance, and added new features for the software.

A specialist at Node40, who was responsible for servicing the network, said of Dash as follows: “The evolution of this crypto-coin is the logical beginning of its gradual development and growth.”

It is unlikely that this type of crypto currency will be able to overtake bitcoin or ether, but Dash will occupy a high position in the digital money market. At the moment, the most significant investors in this company are the organizations Core Innovation Capital and Venture 51.

You can pay for Dash in stores like Misconduct Wine, Living Room of Satoshi, ClawsMail and so on. Details can be found at dashcoin.org.

How to buy Dash: step by step instructions

If you are the owner of other cryptonyms, you can simply exchange your digital coins for Dash using any trusted website. The purchase should be made on the official website of Dash.org.

On the main Internet resource page of the organization, go to the “Get Dash” tab and download the purse – Dash Core Win / 64 Installer software. For more information about the installation process:

  1. Go to https://www.dash.org/en/get-dash/ and download the latest version of the software. Your operating system must be 64-bit.
  2. Program verification. Click on Hash File and pass the verification. You can not do this.
  3. Run the software. Click on the downloaded file and complete all steps. Run the installed program – you will be asked where you want to store the block and the information about the wallet. Running may take some time for DashCore to create cryptographic data to protect the wallet.
  4. Synchronization. In the interface of the program you will notice the inscription “Out Of Sync” – synchronization will take some time.
  5. Protecting your wallet. You need to click Encrypt Wallet and specify a password to prevent the system from being compromised.

Now you can send and receive cryptonyms. You can get the currency on the exchangers, peer-to-peer services or just fill up the purse near the ATM.

Peculiarities of storage and money transfer to a wallet

The wallet uses unique addresses that are used to receive and send currency. Each address has its own balance of funds and the overall balance is displayed in the OverView Tab section.

When you press “Send Dash”, the purse will automatically send funds from your addresses to the addresses of another user’s wallet. When you confirm the transaction, the program creates a block that will be added to the block.

How to send currency

  1. Enter the “Send” tab and fill in the Pay To field, where the address is specified, and after you specify the amount of funds – click Send;
  2. Enter a password or phrase to unlock the wallet;
  3. Click Yes to confirm the submission again.

To receive funds, you need to send your partner your address. The address for the receipt is created in the tabs File / Receiving addresses.

As for the use of mobile services, the purse can be created for the Android or iOS system. For quick money sending, you can use the QR code scan function. Download the application with a clear interface, and indicate your data. Download only on the official dash.org site!

How to mine Dash

This process involves finding solutions for cryptographically complex problems, which is used as a way to protect blocks in the blockchain.

The process of mining creates new tokens, which are credited to the account of the wallet owner. Crypto currency can be extracted on several types of equipment. It can be your processor, graphics card or ASIC.

The official website of the company indicates the methods of mining. They suggest using CPU, GPU or ASIC. You need to go to the appropriate tab, see the software options and download one of the proposed alternatives.

Download to Install DASH Wallet on Windows.
DASH iOS Wallet Tutorial.

Pools for Dash Mining in 2018

If you do not have the proper equipment, then you can use the pools:

Pulls are much larger, but they are unlikely to allow you to get a lot of cryptonyms. If you want to get a financial instrument without a lot of time, then it’s better to just buy coins and wait until they grow in value.

Verified exchanges

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