Bitcoin Price Today

Bitcoin Price Today

Bitcoin and other popular altcoin prices for today are

The best way to be aware of a situation in a crypto market is to know the actual current prices of the main cryptocurrencies like bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and more. Up to date live prices and charts for Bitcoin, Ethereum and more will help to make a right desicion whether to buy or sell altcoins.

If BTC price is inscreasing today so you may earn some money on the exchange. Otherwise if you see a negative BTC rate dinamics and drop in prices of the cryptocurrencies it might be a lucky moment to buy BTC, ETH or other digital currency today in order to sell them tomorrow, next week or month when their prices will grow again.



Bitcoin today’s price chart, market cap, and other metrics


Here you can found out bitcoin current price and trace its exchange rate value through a price history chart.

Historical chart with the latest bitcoin price from the world’s exchanges

Crypto converter based on today’s exchange rates

Cryptocurrency rates for today in real time

Cryptocurrency Market by TradingView

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4 thoughts on “Bitcoin Price Today”

  1. Ah, It’s because of China… they want to prohibit the cryptocurrency trading on the exchanges. If the platforms for trading will be blocked in China it will definetely lead to further altcoin price decrease.

  2. There is nothing to do with it as bitcoin price totally depends on rumors, news and people expectations. If tomorrow USA permits salary payments in bitcoin and buying various everyday things so its price jumps again to new heights. So forget about economics and market rules, the only rule is to be aware of the latest crypto news and to make right expectations as for the rate change

  3. Wow, bitcoin has lost 25% of its price. Yes a desire to restrict crypto trading creates an uncertant situation for traders and investors. We are living in a time when the countries so far don’t know what to do with BTC and other altcoins, so some of them think to limit and restrict the crypto while other countries vice versa support them. But a believe that the crypto survives, it does not vanish, though its price will be stable at a lower value than now…

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