Perspective Cryptocurrencies

The topic of legalization of digital money is discussed daily in the media, according to forecasts, the popularity of mining is growing, it’s time to discuss the list of the most promising crypto currency for investing in 2018.

We already know some types, but there are also new virtual coins, which should be noted in the future.


TOP 10 Cryptocurrencies in 2018

In 2018, Bitcoin and Blockchain technology is 10 years old, the global economy is increasingly focusing on virtual money, currently known about the existence of more than 1000 varieties of cryptocurrency.

The total capitalization of digital money at the beginning of 2018 will reach a record $ 100 billion mark, while at the beginning of 2017 the amount was only 15 billion.

Now it’s not too late to start mining, moreover, as forecasts and courses show, this market is just beginning to develop. If you still decide to set up the farm at home, here’s the list of the best video cards. Of course, if you are a beginner, first of all create the wallet.

In 2018, we recommend that you do not focus on one crypto currency, and offer to choose a few, then a list of the most profitable for extraction and investment.


The leader among the crypto currency, a beginner to start its production will be difficult, since large computing power will be needed, a farm that has been assembled by hand will not cope, but Antminer S9 is quate suitable.

Current rate of 1 Bitcoin to US dollars, Euro and British Pound BTC: $ 42,795.5 (-2.95 %) BTC: € 37,681.8 (-3.35 %) BTC: £ 31,427.5 (-3.50 %)


One of Bitcoin’s earliest competitors in terms of capitalization, for the second half of 2017, the currency showed a huge increase in price, here is the rating of ready-made farms for its production.

1 Ethereum to $ Dollar, Euro and British Pound rates ETH: $ 3,258.43 (-5.55 %) ETH: € 2,868.96 (-5.86 %) ETH: £ 2,392.90 (-5.86 %)

The complexity of mining the first two grows with their popularity and course, of course if you have large computing power you are lucky.

A beginner, it’s probably not possible to get the Ether or Cue ball, so we suggest that you turn to the next part of the list.


One of the few digital cash flows that has concluded contracts with large banks, which is why the currency has a good future. The system allows you to make money transfers between banks on the network in real time.

Real-time rate of 1 Ripple (XRP) is
 XRP: $ 0.7651 (-3.06 %) XRP: € 0.6733 (-3.37 %) XRP: £ 0.5616 (-2.10 %)


The product, developed in Japan, boasts a multi-segment contract and an attractive push notification system.

1 Nem (XEM) exchange rate is as follows: XEM: $ 0.1164 (0.62 %) XEM: € 0.1025 (0.62 %) XEM: £ 0.08551 (0.62 %)


The currency was created specifically for companies and is aimed at studying new models of doing business, in the future is capable of each of their technological resources to make a service whose shares will be traded on an open to all users of the network market. And the auctions are carried out online, the highlight is the absence of any commissions for transactions.

1 IOTA (IOT) rate to the next currencies:IOT -There is no data for any of the toSymbol/s IOT .


The first competitor to Vitalik Buterin and his Efirium, EOS crypto currency is a decentralized platform for signing smart contracts, the currency went to the ICO and will be there until the middle of summer 2018.

Current price of 1 EOS is as follows: EOS: $ 2.80 (-1.72 %) EOS: € 2.46 (-2.44 %) EOS: £ 2.05 (-0.85 %)


Almost no different from the currency above, all the same smart contracts, but with a lower cost of transactions for ico, even for $ 20, you can first place a token.

Current rate 1 Waves is shown below WAVES: $ 14.85 (4.89 %) WAVES: € 13.08 (2.76 %) WAVES: £ 10.91 (4.89 %)

AntShares or NEO

An analogue of Ether from China, a Chinese crypt with great potential, promising and quickly recouped in 2018.

1 AntShares current price is as follows NEO: $ 24.08 (-0.41 %) NEO: € 21.20 (0.90 %) NEO: £ 17.69 (4.51 %)


Digital money is a huge super computer, each member of the network has to open unlimited access, in fact the Golem network consists of communicating the power of computers of its participants, from ordinary PCs to large data centers, the currency gives high hopes for the next year.

1 Golem (GNT) rate: GNT: $ 0.00000001 (13.52 %) GNT: € 0.000000008806 (13.52 %) GNT: £ 0.000000007346 (13.52 %)


A promising start-up, Siacoin is able to decentralize encrypt and transmit data to network participants, no organization will gain access to the information being exchanged, thereby distinguishing this currency from conventional cloud storage.

Siacoin (SC) live price SC: $ 0.01361 (4.76 %) SC: € 0.01198 (1.98 %) SC: £ 0.009998 (4.76 %)


It is a user’s browser, with an integrated messenger and a gateway to access the decentralized network, in simple terms a social network implemented using blockchain technology.

Status (SNT) Current Price: SNT: $ 0.05928 (10.53 %) SNT: € 0.05221 (10.53 %) SNT: £ 0.04355 (10.53 %)

New cryptocurrencies in 2018

As already mentioned, the types of digital money appear every day, we have already considered the list of the most promising ones, but we can not ignore the new crypto-currencies that just appeared at the beginning of 2018.

To profitable, promising for investment and production can also be attributed:

  • Factom,
  • Ardor,
  • Zcash,
  • Lisk,
  • Nxt,
  • Dash Monero,
  • Iconomi,
  • Stellar,
  • Stratis,
  • Lumens.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the prospects for the cryptocurrency in 2018 are huge, it is never too late to start studying this market and develop.

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